Update from The Neo Com Group

Hi Friends!  I just got back from a jaunt around Western and Eastern Europe.  I used the venture as an opportunity to take a breather and reinvigorate my inspiration for all things Pacific Northwest and publicity.  While I felt some guilt about taking so much time off, during my journey I met some Europeans who told me their average yearly vacation time equated to six weeks of paid vacation per year.  The outlier was my poor cousin in England who only got 4 1/2 weeks per year.  

Well, my previous high for vacation time was roughly two weeks of paid vacation - which was also used simultaneously for sick days (of which, I took none).  This realization has allowed for glorious consequences - guilt be gone!

I did have some time to visit some amazing literary standards including Shakespeare and Company in Paris, the city of Bath (where Jane Austen spent 5 years and set two novels), Bosnia (setting for Bill Carter’s modern classic “Fools Rush In”) - and I even got out for a literary tour of Dublin (despite the rain and wind and nearly freezing temps).  

I also had some time to think about THE NEO COM GROUP and I’m excited to announce that I’ll be introducing some new “products” in the near future that I believe will allow authors to better promote themselves.  I know that most folks don’t have a budget for PR, marketing or god forbid - advertising … but I am crafting some simple plans that I think will give agency results at an “in-house intern” price.  Part of it involves empowering the author to take control of their own fate - so I hope the world is ready for that!

More soon,

Mike P - The Neo Com Group