Book Recommendation: 30 Days to Online PR and Marketing Success by Gail Z. Martin

I honestly never do this, but I wanted to take a moment to recommend a great book for those looking to learn more about online PR & Marketing.  Sometimes the clients I work with are low budget authors or artists who can only afford so much of my time - but I like to make sure they leave me fully armed to take control of their own marketing & PR fate if that is the case.  Lately I have been recommending Gail Z. Martin’s “30 Days to Online PR & Marketing Success.”  I’ve read the book and it really is great at explaining benefits and realistic approaches to social media.  Sometimes the simplest questions are the hardest to answer - in the case of social media - why?  This book answers that question - check it out if you have marketing and PR plans that need action, but have a budget that couldn’t buy a beer at a baseball game.