Who to follow on Twitter - Author Edition

People new to Twitter are often lost, authors especially.

They don’t really understand how to use the technology and they don’t understand the concept of following versus followers. “Hey, there’s somebody following me who I don’t want to follow me,” they might say. I like to stress that twitter isn’t always about how many people are following you, but the quality of people YOU are following.  If done right, you can create a nice little news feed - uniquely tailored to your own interests and/or need for information.  

With that in mind, I have created a Twitter starter kit for the author who’s just jumping into the game and who wants to try using Twitter as a research tool.  Please feel free to leave your name/url in the comment section if you’d like me to include you in an addendum.

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Thought Leaders.












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News from The Neo Com Group

I’m excited to announce that I am expanding my list of services, specifically for independent and self-published authors.  

I am now working in partnership with Outskirts Press as a book marketing consultant for those who choose to eschew the traditional publishing path, and have decided to take the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” approach.  There are myriad reasons why this may be the best approach for many authors - especially those who are determined, passionate and want maximum control and profit potential.

Outskirts offers you all the services of a traditional publisher, but they offer the flexibility for you to pay for each component as you deem fit.  For example, you have just finished a book and worked with an editor make it just right - Outskirts can now take over and get you a barcode, isbn, eBook and Kindle versions - and even expert help from a marketer!  This is where I come in - as marketing consultant I will be offering the same service I offer my bigger clients - but at a rate that authors on a shoestring budget can afford.  If you’re considering publishing a book for the first time, check out the diamond package here.  

If interested, get in touch with me and I will answer any questions you may have.